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23200 HWY 14, MARION, AL 36756
8 Bedrooms 3 ½ Baths MLS#884463

Home Description:
Kenworthy -Carlisle Hall is a magnificent example of Richard Upjohn's asymmetrical Italian villa style designed to suit the Southern climate and plantation lifestyle. Ornate front doors open into a grand entrance hall and cross hall that lead to any one of the seven major rooms on the 1st floor and the beautiful split oak stairway, one of three in the home, leading to the 2nd floor that has six major rooms, the third floor quarters and the 4th floor tower room. Decoratively carved cabinetry, oak molding, ornate plaster work, and ornamental stained glass are some of the outstanding features used in constructing the home. Ancillary structures include a detached, 2 room kitchen, smoke house, partially buried brick water cistern, well house and barn. In 1990 the home was listed in the National Register of Historic Places and in 2004 was declared a National Historic Landmark. It is currently an equestrian home of beautiful Egyptian Arabian horses.